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By Jay Rice

Dear Friend,

My objective is to get you into a great job fast.

Much faster than whatever methods you’re using now.

...”Jay Rice helps college educated professionals get a great job quickly even if they were laid off or fired from their last job and rejected by hundreds of companies…”

If you are reading this, then there is a pretty good chance that you are currently looking for a job.  Maybe you are out of work and can’t stand it or just want to find a better job situation for you.   One thing is for sure, you are not alone.  Millions of people are out of work.  It’s a tragedy and for many of us, it’s trench warfare out there.  In cities and towns all across America, you see people holding up cardboard signs asking for handouts because they can’t find work and can’t feed themselves or their families.  This is a tragedy.  Too many good people have fallen on hard times because of the Great Recession.  I am guessing that at this time you are not in that kind of dire situation.  But then again it is hard on you or your family if you need to get the right job and have not been successful at it yet.  You’ve seen the news.  High tech professionals are losing their homes to foreclosure because they can’t find work.  Middle class families are going on welfare to feed their children.  College-educated professionals who worked and saved for 20 years have seen their life savings evaporate, and are now living on their savings and hoping for a better tomorrow.  Professionals with 5 or 10 years of experience are reduced to applying for entry-level jobs.  New graduates have huge loans and can’t seem to break into the right professional job.  If you are reading this, my assumption is that you may be in that same unfortunate boat.  Don’t live on ‘Someday Isle’, as in Someday I’ll get a job, someday I’ll sharpen my skills, etc.  Instead, take control of your career by getting advice from someone who can help show you the way.

I’ve created this website to help white collar professionals find good jobs faster and with compensation they are happy about.  This is specifically going to help college educated men and women in professional ‘office’ occupations who earn (or want to earn) between $50,000 – $90,000+ per year.

Use my experience to land your next interview and, potentially, your dream job.

There are THREE reasons why I know I can help you: 

1. I’ve had my own career successes and along the way I also learned from my mistakes.  You can use my experience to get faster results.   I’ve worked for some great leaders and mentors and some absolute losers too.  Early in my career I positioned myself to land highly competitive sales roles earning six-figures, and then leveraged that to become a marketing executive, VP, CEO and finally a founder and President of my own high-tech company.

2. I have helped many others get jobs, strategize on their careers, get the most from job offers, and exit companies for better opportunities.  I’ve helped people, hired people and reviewed thousands of job applicants for positions that have included: software development, marketing, business development, operations, and management.  I’ve negotiated compensation as an executive on both sides of the table in the United States and Europe.

Any one of these things by themselves makes me fully capable of helping you get more interviews and land your next job.  But there are even more important reasons than that.  Here’s why: as a CEO in a niche technology market, I have had to fill sales, engineering, and operations positions and I did not have an HR department to help me do it.  Because the job market has been so up & down in the last decade, I have received thousands of applicants that I had to sift and sort through in order to fill the positions.  Many of these applicants have had diverse backgrounds, including alumni from elite universities, people with MBAs, Master’s degrees, even PhDs.  I have seen applications have come from all over the States, as well as abroad.  The one common theme that really struck me from all these diverse professionals was downright SHOCKING.

What I discovered is this: 90% of college-educated, white-collar professionals have no clue how to properly market themselves to prospective employers!

In fact, I was so horrified by the poor approaches these well-educated, talented professionals were taking (and continue to take) that I had to do something so that I personally could alleviate the strain of wasting my time with these stacks of resumes my office had to sort through.

3. So what I did was this: I decided to create a system for screening resumes, cover letters, and applicants that rapidly allows the most qualified candidates to gain interviews faster and for the best candidates to get hired.

Here is where the story gets even more interesting for you.

I thought to myself: What if I took this system and ‘flipped it around’ so that professionals out there looking for a job could put their best selves forward and gain more interviews while ultimately getting a good job faster?  And that’s exactly what I’m doing!

I can help you avoid all the DUMB mistakes that people make when applying for a job.  I even show you examples (with names withheld to protect real people from embarrassment and me from a lawsuit). Plus, as an employer I have had access to some amazing resources to find candidates. These are sites and services not that many people know about yet. I’m happy to share these resources. You will save a TON OF TIME when you know about all the other amazing resources that are out there to help you find a job fast.

Of course, I’ll also show you specific examples of the approaches that worked like magic at getting the person recognized and in the door for an interview.  It may surprise you when you see it.

What’s the catch?  There isn’t any.

I’m so occupied operating my own entrepreneurial company that I simply don’t have the time to coach people at the moment and I have not yet even finalized the career course I mentioned.  So grab some free tips and I’ll also share with you some excellent resources to help you find a great job and and increase your career mobility. You’ll also have priority access on my waiting list for personal coaching and my career course once it is finished.  So I suggest you just fill in your email below and grab the free gift(s).  What I will do is provide you with an opportunity to get some sneak peeks at the material and discover some little-known, highly effective career resources.  Your e-mail will NOT be sold to anyone, and will only be used to inform you when the full course is launched, so that you will have the opportunity to be amongst the first to know about it and use it to your advantage in order to get a great job fast.

All the Best,

Jay Rice

PS: Be sure to check the resources section of this site. I update it regularly with all types of little-known, highly useful resources to accelerate your job search.

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